Joining Fitzharrys

We believe that Fitzharrys is a great school with so much to offer to the young people of Abingdon and beyond. If you are thinking about the move to secondary school then these pages will give you a flavour of Fitzharrys, and of the support and contact we provide for students and parents from the moment your application to our school is accepted and you become part of the Fitzharrys family.

Open Evenings

Our Open evening on Thursday 28th September was a great success and the Open Mornings the following week are proving very popular.  Please click here to view the slides from the evening presentation by Jonathan Dennett.

Message from TAMZIN CLARK, Head of Year 7 and transition

I have nearly 11 years teaching experience and within that time have had daunting experiences of starting a new job meeting new people as well as becoming Head of Year. Therefore I know what an exciting yet scary prospect it is to start at secondary school! I know that it can seem daunting to be ‘the little fish in a big pond’ but here at Fitzharrys we are dedicated to making your start here an experience which is both exciting and fun.

Even before you arrive we make a huge effort to get to know you so that we can handpick exactly the right place for you in your form group.  As soon as you arrive we help you to make new friends and settle into your new school.

We also aim to get you involved in the running and development of the school through your lessons, the School Council and the many after school activities and events that are here for you to enjoy.

A PE teacher myself I look forward to your involvement in sports clubs (lunchtimes and after school), demonstrating your commitment, passion and dedication to sport. You will also have the opportunity to develop your practical skills as well as your social skills by taking part in the successful and popular Football/Netball Trip that takes place each year.

On top of all opportunities at Fitzharrys you will participate in Wider Learning Days where you will develop understanding and knowledge about other cultures, racism, finance and of course building on your existing teamwork abilities...because one thing you will realise very soon is that at Fitzharrys our motto is Together Everyone Achieves More.

You also have Year 7 camp to look forward to as part of Fitzactive where for three days in July the whole year group venture to a scout camp to build on all of the skills developed throughout the year, and is one final opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other away from the school environment. (A very popular annual event!)

This care and support from your form tutor and the pastoral team continues right through until you leave us in Y13.

Coming here at this exciting time in the development of the school is an adventure that you can be part of and which will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible for yourself. I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Tamzin Clark


As an Oxfordshire Secondary School we follow the Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) policy on admissions and they administer the applications process on our behalf.

Oxfordshire County Council’s admissions information can be found here: 
OCC Admissions Link 

Details of our school Admissions Policy can be downloaded here:
Fitzharrys Admissions Policy


Message from Jonathan Dennett, Head teacher

Dear children, parents and carers,

We believe that joining secondary school should be as warm and friendly as possible. Once you have chosen Fitzharrys we write to wish you a warm welcome. We will also write to parents and carers so that they know what to expect in the lead up to September.

Miss Clark and I visit your primary school to meet you and your class teacher. This really helps us to get to know you, and means that you can be confident and excited about coming to our school. If you may need some additional support in or out of class then our SENCO will also visit your school so that we can have as much helpful information as possible to help you make a great start.

We have a transition tea, an informal event where new students, parents and carers can get to know each other. You can ask teachers and students any questions about settling in to school. Some of you will benefit from an extra day exploring the school and doing fun activities to help boost your confidence about starting at Fitzharrys.

On Induction Day you will meet your tutor and the others in your tutor group and enjoy a day of lessons, fun activities and making new friends. Our Induction Evening encourages parents to get involved and see the things that you have done and made during the day. Our Year 7 Buddies are on hand to answer questions, and entertainment is provided by our students.

We keep in touch throughout the rest of the school year, inviting you to our exhibitions and performances to give you a taste of the exciting things you will be doing at Fitzharrys. Once you start at Year 7 there are more chances for parents and carers to meet with tutors and teachers and find out how well things are going.

We look forward to welcoming you to Fitzharrys.
Best wishes,

Jonathan Dennett, Headteacher

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