Bus Timetables

For details of bus routes, timetables and operators click on the links below:

1101 - Berinsfield and Culham - this route has been cancelled and has been replaced with a new public service 114
Children entitled to free school transport will receive a free bus pass via Oxfordshire County Council. 

1103 - Drayton, Berinsfield, Dorchester, Burcot and Clifton

1109 - Sutton Courtenay, Milton, Milton Heights, Steventon and Drayton

1111 - Frilford and Marcham

1114 - Kennington and Radley

1115 - Henwood, Wootton and Dry Sandford

requesting bus passes

If you require a bus pass you need to contact Oxfordshire County Council's Admissions Team on 01865 815175.  Fitzharrys School are not able to issue bus passes to students.