Able, Gifted and Talented

At Fitzharrys we believe everyone has skills and talents that make them truly special. We have a full programme of enrichment for students who are Able, Gifted and Talented, providing them with the additional stretch and challenge they need to achieve their potential both in and out of the classroom. These include: Maths Challenge; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Club; Cipher Challenge with Cambridge University; Latin club with Radley College; Modern Languages Olympiad; Lego Challenge; Young Enterprise; Carnegie Book Award; choirs,  bands and sporting success at school, local and national level.

We make use of connections with a wide range of universities and businesses to add to their experiences. Our annual Science Week is just one such highlight of the year. Fitzharrys has been a driving force in the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Launchpad scheme, with students gaining great experiences at BMW, Harwell, Rutherford and other high tech employers.

Our full programme of enrichment for students who are MAGT provides the additional stretch and challenge they need, linking with other high performing schools so Fitzharrys students get to challenge themselves against others across the country and across the world. We aim to enable everyone to develop their skills and talents.