NB Year 13 Parents' Evening rescheduled from 1st March to Tuesday 20th March at Larkmead School; students should check with their teachers for their allotted times.


Sixth Form

Two schools, one sixth form: the opportunity to be extraordinary

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Key information, ethos and enrichment

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Welcome to JMF6, the sixth form provided by Fitzharrys and John Mason Schools, delivering high quality, post 16 education to young people in the Abingdon area and beyond. Our ambition is for every student to access outstanding learning opportunities, which encourage them to become academically successful, happy, confident and inquiring young people.

We believe that you have the potential to make a difference in the world; to be ambitious in your career choices and to understand your place in society. We know we can achieve this for you, through the very best teaching, high quality careers advice and guidance, a caring, and knowledgeable pastoral support team, and a wide range of opportunities and experiences designed to help you develop talents, interests and skills.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive student community. Our ethos is based on the principle that each student is an individual, is an exception and is valued. Throughout your time with us this principle drives a personal tutorial programme to help support you academically and personally, so that you achieve your goals. Our tutor groups are made up of Year 12 and 13 students, to foster strong relationships early on and to support peer to peer mentoring and friendships. We have a number of friendly competitions throughout the year aimed at getting to know each other, raising money for the charities we support during RAG Week, and having fun in the process.

As well as setting challenging and aspirational academic targets, we also want you to acquire skills and qualities which will help develop you as maturing adults. This we achieve through our enrichment programme, where you are strongly encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Scheme. Within this programme you commit to developing the qualities of leadership, organisation, responsibility, and teamwork: the wider qualities looked for by universities and employers. You will also learn new skills from a range of elective courses, such as Mandarin, First Aid or journalism, in addition to the option to continue with health and fitness or team sport.

We are very proud of our sixth form students; they are role models for our younger pupils and show us time and time again that they are extraordinary young people; you could be too. The application form can be found on the website; alternatively you could contact Mr. C. Sissons at John Mason School (csis3937@johnmason.oxon.sch.uk) or Mr. W. Browne at Fitzharrys School. (wbrowne@fitzharrys.oxon.sch.uk).

We are very happy to show new students round, and to answer any queries you may have.

We look forward to you joining our community.

Mrs. S. Brinkley and Mr. J. Dennett


6th Form Application Process

Any students applying to our sixth form need to complete an application form. Applications should normally be made before the February half term holiday.

In February and March, prospective sixth form students are interviewed by the Director of Sixth Form: this is an opportunity to discuss any future plans you may have and to make sure that the A levels you are considering will enable you to progress on your chosen path.

Applicants from outside of John Mason or Fitzharrys will be invited to come to the school to discuss their application and they will be offered a tour of the school and 6th form facilities.

Following successful interviews students will be sent a letter offering them a conditional place and outlining any further activities that they will be encouraged to take part in prior to starting 6th form.

In late June/early July a week of taster sessions will be organised across the two schools for future year 12 students. This is an opportunity for students to visit the other school sites and they will have a lesson in a subject at the school where it will be taught. In these sessions they will get a feel for the difference in teaching style between lower school and the 6th form and they will be set some work to do over the summer holidays which will be collected in at the beginning of term.

Once students have received exam results in late August they  will be invited to a ‘Welcome to the 6th form’ interview. At this meeting GCSE results will be confirmed and final choice of subjects will be decided and matched up with students’ potential destination (if known).

6th form starts at the beginning of September with a day of induction and team building;  timetables are finalised and then courses begin.

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