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Our parents and students tell us that Fitzharrys is a very safe and supportive school. We were rightly recongised as strongly ‘Good’ for Behaviour and Safety in our Ofsted inspections of 2014 and 2016. This shows the sure and sustained foundation for happiness and success we have at Fitzharrys.

We are particularly proud of this praise from June 2016:

·         “Fitzharrys offers a very caring and supportive community where pupils flourish. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the curriculum and staff passionately strive to ensure that their welfare needs are met.”

·         “Pupils and sixth formers are rightly proud of their school and attendance and behaviour have improved. Many pupils become actively involved in bringing about improvements in the work of their school.”

·         “The headteacher knows the pupils and sixth formers well and is passionate about wanting the very best outcomes for all of them. A warm and welcoming culture with a shared drive for continual improvement is evident from the top down.”

·         “The curriculum meets the needs of pupils well and leaders ensure that Fitzharrys’ ethos of ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ is at the heart of school life.”

·         “‘Fitzfocus plus’ time offers a well-planned personal, social, health and citizenship curriculum which, together with philosophy and ethics lessons, combine to promote a very good awareness of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues. Pupils respect people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.”

·         “The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good.”

·         “Fitzharrys School cares a great deal about pupils’ achievement and personal development and so working relationships between staff and pupils are very strong. Pupils told inspectors that they particularly value the extra time and support teachers willingly provide. Parents agree and believe that that these good relationships underpin the progress that their children make.”

·         “The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils enjoy each other’s company at social times and value the good friendships they make here. They are respectful to each other, staff and visitors and enjoy the pleasant and secure environment the school offers.”

·         “Pupils are safe and secure in the school and they feel content here. Excellent systems are in place to offer help and support to vulnerable pupils, sometimes involving external agencies when appropriate. An overwhelming majority of parents responding to Parent View affirmed that their child is well looked after and happy at school. Parents’ faith in Fitzharrys is well founded; this is a very caring community.”


It is nice to get this feedback, but most importantly it matches what our students and parents feel about their school, as you can see from just some of the comments from our Year 7 and 8 parents’ evenings in May and June 2017:

•       “My daughter has been happy here and I feel this was a brilliant choice.”

•       “Fitzharrys is a caring school which genuinely cares about its pupils.”

•       “There is a very positive environment, staff are approachable and very informative.”

•       “Positive attitude towards learning, attendance and behaviour.”

•       “Fitzharrys is a good school. They listen to parents’ concerns. Many family members have been happy at this school.”

•       “My child is making excellent progress and this due to the teaching and encouragement of all staff and the headteacher.  Very pleased we chose Fitzharrys.”

•       “We feel it is a caring school with an ethos of success.”

To achieve this high level of safety, security and support, each student has a wide range of champions throughout the school. Where possible they will have the same tutor through their first five years at Fitzharrys, a member of staff who really gets to know them and will be parents’ first point of call. The tutor team are supported by Heads of Year and our Pastoral Director.

In addition students at Fitzharrys benefit from our unique team of Student Well Being Managers. Attached to particular year groups, this team of has a wide range of skills and experiences that make them ideally suited to smoothing over any issues and ensuring that children always have a supportive adult that they can talk to. The team are greatly valued by students, staff and parents alike, and really make a great contribution to the happiness and success of all the students in their care.

As a caring school we have a great focus on each student’s mental health and well-being, living a caring ethos of growth mindset by nurturing resilience and letting children know that it is ok to make mistakes. Our wide range of additional days, guest speakers and performers and links with The Abingdon Bridge mean that Fitzharrys is truly “a very caring and supportive community where pupils flourish.”

Your school health nurse is: Heather McGrath


My Role….

Secondary schools within Oxfordshire have a named NHS School Health Nurse who is based in the school.  The aim of the School Nurse is to offer evidence based preventative health care for children and young people.  We strive to improve young people’s health and wellbeing and their life chances.  I work closely with teaching and wellbeing staff at Fitzharrys encouraging students to be both physically and emotionally healthy in order to make informed healthy lifestyle choices and so reach their full potential. 

What I do…. School Nurses provide public health interventions.  Including (but not exclusive to): 

  • Someone to talk to confidentially to address issues concerning emotional, physical, sexual and social health and wellbeing .
  • Immunisations.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices (keeping safe, smoking cessation, substance misuse advice)
  • Support teachers with PSHE.
  • Refer and signpost to specialist services .
  • Offer a confidential School Nurse drop-in.
  • Provide contraception, pregnancy testing and sexual health screening and treatment.

If i cannot help, i will find someone who can…..

How can you access the School Nurse?

  • Young people can pop into the School Nurse office (East Block) at break or lunchtime (alone or with a friend)
  • Speak to your tutor, HOY or Student Services to help with referral.
  • Self-refer by drop in or email (see below).

The School Nursing service is confidential.  This means we can discuss personal information with young people in confidence and will not discuss it with anyone else without their permission.  However we would pass on any information that we feel is needed to protect a young person or someone else from serious harm.  Whenever possible this would be discussed with the young person first.

Heather McGrath, Fitzharrys School Health Nurse,

Contact details:  Term time only. Telephone :01235 462403 Mobile: 07917555428  Email:

School Nurse Website:

May 2018 - School Health Nurse Newsletter

Year 11 and 13 NHS information from the School Nurse, click here for the letter and here for the leaflet



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