About Fitzharrys

This section includes all the management information you may be interested in about our school, including many of our policies and procedures. Whether you are a parent or student, prospective or current, if you cannot find the information you are looking for, then please contact us.


Jonathan Dennett has been Headteacher at Fitzharrys since January 2011. Mutual respect and positive behaviour are the foundations of our happy, safe and successful school and above all, we believe that there are no limits to what our students and our school can achieve. Link to content →

Fitzharrys Vision

The staff and governors at Fitzharrys have high expectations and ambitions for the future of the school. This document outlines some of our aims for the next two years. . Link to content →

Joining Fitzharrys

We believe that Fitzharrys is a great school with so much to offer to the young people of Abingdon and beyond. If you are thinking about the move to secondary school then these pages will give you a flavour of Fitzharrys, and of the support and contact we provide for students and parents from the moment your application to our school is accepted and you become part of the Fitzharrys family. Link to content →

School Prospectus

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A uniform helps to create a sense of community and makes all students equal. Full details of our uniform and the order form are included here. Link to content →


For full details of the team at Fitzharrys please click through to our staff page... Link to content →

Working For Us

We regularly post job opportunities at Fitzharrys on this page... Link to content →

Fitzharrys Ethos

The ethos and spark of Fitzharrys is captured in the TEAM phrase: ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.
Ofsted Report

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