About Sixth Form: JMF6

Two schools, one sixth form: the opportunity to be extraordinary

Welcome to JMF6, the sixth form provided by Fitzharrys and John Mason Schools, delivering high quality, post-16 education to young people in the Abingdon area and beyond. Our ambition is for every student to access outstanding learning opportunities, which encourage them to become academically successful, happy, confident and inquiring young people.

We believe that you have the potential to make a difference in the world and want you to be ambitious in your career choices. JMF6 offers you the very best teaching, high-quality careers advice and guidance, a caring and knowledgeable pastoral support team, and a wide range of opportunities and experiences designed to help you develop talents, interests and skills.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive community. Our ethos is based on the principle that each student is an individual, is exceptional and is valued. This principle drives a personal tutorial programme to help support you academically and personally, so that you achieve your goals. Our tutor groups are made up of Year 12 and 13 students, to foster strong relationships early on and to support peer-to-peer mentoring and friendships. We run friendly competitions throughout the year aimed at getting to know each other, raising money for the charities we support during RAG Week, and having fun in the process.

As well as setting challenging and aspirational academic targets, we also want you to acquire skills and qualities which will help develop you as maturing adults. This we achieve through our enrichment programme, where you are strongly encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Scheme. Within this programme, you further develop qualities of leadership, organisation, responsibility and teamwork: the wider qualities looked for by universities and employers. You will also learn new skills from a range of elective courses, such as Mandarin, First Aid or Journalism, in addition to the option to continue with health and fitness or team sport.

We are very proud of our sixth form students; they are fantastic role models for our younger pupils and show us time and time again that they are extraordinary young people; you could be too. Download our JMF6 application form below for more information; alternatively, you can contact Mr Browne at Fitzharrys School at wbrowne@fitzharrys.oxon.sch.uk

We are very happy to show prospective students around and answer any queries you may have.

We look forward to you joining our community.

Together Everyone Achieves More