If your son/daughter is ill and unable to attend school or has an apponitment please contact the absence line on 01235 538243 and leave a message.

Absence during term-time

There is now strong evidence that any term-time absence can be damaging to a student's education.  In making a decision, the school must consider factors such as the reason for and the length of the proposed absence, its impact on the student's educaton, the student's overall attendance pattern, family circumstances and the rarity of the trip.

There is a clear link between good attendance at school and achievement in exams.  Government figures from 2012 show that nationally 73% of students with attendance rates of over 95% achieved 5 A*-C, including English and Maths at GCSE.  Of those children who had attendance of 91-95%, only 40% achieved the same results and this drops to 22% for those with attendance between 85-90%.

Please use the form here if you would like to apply for permission for exceptional leave of absence from School during term-time.  There are some important considerations that you should think of before applying.  Please read the following points carefully:

  • As of September 2013, the Department for Education has changed the regulations about term time holidays.  Parents no longer have the opportunity to request up to two weeks holiday during term time.
  • Requests for holidays during term time will no longer be authorised. If a child is absent during term time for a holiday a penalty notice warning will be issued.  If another is taken during the same year, a penalty notice will be issued by the Attendance and Engagement Officer.
  • A Headteacher can receive requests for exceptional reasons for absence of one or two days, but these will only be authorised if the child's attendance is over 95%.
  • Absence must be requested in advance.  If it is not requested in advance, or taken despite refusal, it will count as unauthoirsed absence.  Retrospective approval is not possible. 
  • All schools are obliged to report unauthorised absence to the Local Education Authority and the Department for Education and Skills.
  • No absence will be authorised during practice or public examination periods.
  • Any absences are always a matter of grave concern.  Approval will not normally be given when the student's attendance is already below 95%.  Please note that the School is obliged to report attendance below 85% to the Attendance and Engagement Service.  Students with any unauthorised absence will not be considered until the authorised absence is resolved.

If, having read the above, you still wish to proceed, then complete the form here and return it to the Headteacher.  Applications must include the student's name and tutor group, the dates of the absence, and a clear explanation of why you are unable to complete the activity in term-time.  These new regulations will help to support students' success at Fitzharrys. 

Jonathan Dennett

Absence Policies

Please read the following documentation before applying for exceptional leave of absence.

Absence Policy

Attendance Booklet