Academy Conversion

Creating Opportunities

Fitzharrys School converted to academy status on 1st November 2018, building on an already positive partnership to create a formal Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with John Mason and Rush Common schools.

Working together enables us to develop more opportunities for students through access to more subject choices and extra-curricular activities. We are building Fitzharrys’ professional development programme, creating opportunities for staff to collaborate in extended teams and networks. Importantly, academy conversion adds capacity and resilience by sharing resources, joint contracting and co-ordinating bids for grant funding. This makes available as much money as possible to support students while also investing in improvements to the school premises.

Alongside these improvement benefits of joining a MAT, the governing body has sought to ensure that the caring, supportive ethos that is such an important and valued aspect of student and parents’ experience at Fitzharrys is retained.  For this reason, contributing to the establishment of and becoming a founder member of the Abingdon Learning Trust (ALT) was the governing body’s first choice in considering conversion options.   

Fitzharrys School continues to work in joint-partnership with John Mason School, Larkmead School and Abingdon and Witney College as the Abingdon Consortium for Education (ACfE).  We also continue to work in partnership with the wider community of local primary schools, in a shared commitment to the education of all our children to ensure equality and inclusive education remains at the heart of our school’s vision and values.

Read our FAQ document for more information.


Conversion to an academy school does not have any effect on children applying for admission to join Fitzharrys and applications will still be made through Oxfordshire County Council. Visit our Admissions page for further guidance.

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