Music Department

Music Department

Music staff: Mr L Adam (Second in Faculty)

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At Fitzharrys School, the music department aims to provide a rich, interesting and relevant music curriculum. It is our expectation that students have excellent experiences in classroom and extra-curricular music ensuring that they are well equipped for the next stage of their education, training or employment. Students gain many benefits from actively engaging with music, perhaps more significantly music can develop their competence as learners and increase their self-esteem which can have a positive effect on achievement and progress in all other subject areas.

Music is a compulsory subject in Years 7, 8 and 9 with students having two hours of music per fortnight. Students cover a wide range of genres including popular music, jazz and reggae and have the opportunity to develop musical ensembles through group work. Over three years of fast-paced, exciting lessons, students will develop the key skills of performing, composing and listening.

In the department we are fortunate to have a large practical performing space, a music technology suite (hosting the latest Cubase elements 7 software) and a recording studio.

We offer a range of extra curricular activities including the Fitzharrys School Soul Band, Choir and Beginners Guitar Ensemble.Students have the opportunity to perform at a variety of different events and venues throughout the academic year. In recent years as well as our annual production, Christmas concert and talent competition our ensembles have performed in the Abingdon Music Festival and at Larkmead School as part of a Twinning Concert.

A range of private instrumental lessons are taught during school hours. Guitar (both classic and electric), drumkit, voice, piano and keyboard are organised directly through the music department. For further information and an application form please email

Any other instrumental lessons including violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, flute, saxophone, clarinet and oboe please email Oxfordshire Music Service directly, At Fitzharrys we have a number of instruments that we can loan to students free of charge who are in receipt of music lessons. 

Instrumental Lessons 2017-2018

If your child would like to have music lessons please click on the following links for further information.

The Music Department - An introduction to the service available to students

Information about Instrumental Tuition

Application Form



Music Key Stage 3

Year 7

Our Baroque Music, 'Pachelbel's Canon'
Soul Music, 'I feel Good'
South American Music, 'Oye Como Va'
African Music, 'Waving Flag'
Reggae Music, 'Three Little Birds'

Music Key Stage 3

Year 8

Popular Music, ‘Somebody I used to Know’

Rock Music, ‘Paint it Black’


Indian Music, ‘Toxic’

Jazz Music, ‘Moondance’

Independent Learning Project

Music Key Stage 3

Year 9

Creating an original arrangement, ‘Latch’

Classical Music & Mozart

Soul Music, ‘Hallelujah I Love Her So’

Blues Music, ‘All Blues’

Electronic Dance Music & Moby

Music Key Stage 4

Year 10 & 11

Music is becoming a popular option at GCSE. The Department follows the Edexcel course that develops students' performing, composing and listening skills in a flexible and creative way. Students work both in groups and individually on their instrument or voice. They learn to perfect performances from a variety of styles over the duration of the course and will have the opportunity to perform at informal and formal concerts throughout the course. Students also compose pieces using Music Technology and their own instruments. Students will also prepare for a listening exam by studying a variety of western and non-western musical styles. This is an exciting and fast paced course that prepares the students for A Level Music or Music Technology.

The course weighting is as follows:

Composition (2 controlled assessments) 30%.

Performance (1 solo and 1 ensemble) 30%

Listening paper 40%