Clubs & Activities

Fitzharrys offers students a huge variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities at lunchtimes and after school. Whether you want to join one of our many sports teams, love board games, acting, singing, have green fingers or love experimenting in science, there will be something to suit everyone. Sailing Club is now afloat and many other fresh, exciting opportunities are on the horizon; there is always something new to try. Look out for clubs details around school, sign up and get involved!

For a full programme of activities, please view our Clubs Timetable.

If we do not currently offer the activity you are particularly interested in, talk to your Form Rep or Tutor to register your interest – you may be able to kickstart the creation of a new club!

In addition to regular weekly clubs and activities, there are fantastic one-off events and short term activities to challenge you, broaden your skills and widen your horizons. Some of these opportunities are detailed below. 

Clubs & Activities Noticeboard

Check back here regularly for the latest news on clubs and opportunities both here at Fitzharrys and beyond...

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