Ethos & Vision

High expectations and high ambitions for all

Students and staff at Fitzharrys are active, enthusiastic and engaged. As a school, we are up for any challenge, buoyed up by the optimism and pride that comes from being part of something special.

Success at Fitzharrys is founded upon high quality teaching and learning. We cultivate curiosity, courage and independence, fuelling a passion for learning in all students and staff to shape confident, creative, resourceful and resilient individuals. This culture builds character, creating a springboard for further success as everyone progresses in their education, career and life.

Positive behaviour, mutual respect and care are at the heart of good learning and the Fitzharrys community. All relationships at Fitzharrys are based upon trust, compassion and constructive honesty. We nurture wellbeing and good mental health as part of our commitment to getting the very best for and from our students and our school.

Fitzharrys is a true community; everyone matters, successes are shared, and mutual support ensures that Together Everyone Achieves More.

Together Everyone Achieves More