Letter From The Head Teacher

My name is Jonathan Dennett, and I have been Headteacher at Fitzharrys since January 2011. Fitzharrys is my local secondary school, and helping to make a difference in our community is one of the many reasons why I wanted to work here.

It’s been a wonderful start to the year, with the usual Fitz feel good factor given even more of a buzz following record exam results and a very positive Ofsted report. Fitzharrys students and staff are proud to be part of something special, a strong sense of community and success runs through everything we do. This is just one of the reasons that Fitzharrys is such a wonderful school.

Our Ofsted report is packed full of praise, which matches the views that our parents have been sharing with us for many years. Inspectors confirmed that “Parents’ faith in Fitzharrys is well founded; this is a very caring community.” This care is supported by good relationships, and means that we can concentrate on high quality teaching and learning and other experiences. Ofsted praised our “high-quality teamwork” and described us as “A warm and welcoming culture with a shared drive for continual improvement.”

The inspection report makes for great reading, and as the inspectors said “Leaders, teachers and pupils are proud to be a part of Fitzharrys’ success.” Great behaviour, new school records for results and attendance are just some of the signs that Fitzharrys is a great school that is really going places.

The ethos and spark of Fitzharrys is captured in the phrase ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ and in our key values of Growth, Ownership, Achievement, Leadership, Success.

Having a growth mind-set is vital for everyone at Fitzharrys, developing the determination, resilience and grit to turn ‘yet’ into ‘yes’.

Ownership means taking pride in your presentation and participation, looking the part and acting smart in all aspects of your work at school.

We focus on each student’s personal achievement, challenging them always to have an answer to the question ‘What have you done today to be a better you?’

Our students have many opportunities for leadership, to inspire others and be inspired by their peers in a positive environment.

We nurture and support each student in their success, encouraging and supporting them to make their ambition their special mission.

Our students know that we care for and believe in them. Our parents are supportive of the school’s progress. Our hard working, creative and dedicated staff and governors are committed to getting the very best from and for our students. The positive feel of our school community is proof that, at Fitzharrys, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More.’

Our website and prospectus give you a sense of life at our school, but this is no substitute for experiencing it for yourself. We welcome you to visit us at Fitzharrys to see all that our school has to offer right now and in our exciting future.

Best wishes
Jonathan Dennett


joining the fitzharrys family

As a parent you want to know that your child is going to be happy, known and looked after. This is fundamental to us as a caring school. We see you as a Fitzharrys student and parents from the moment you make the choice to join us. I teach every student in Year 7, and this helps me get to know people very quickly. That connection and care is fundamental at Fitzharrys.

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Feedback From Parents Evenings

Here are just some of the comments from our Year 7 and 8 parents’ evenings in May and June:

  • “A caring school, responds to pupils as individuals.”

  • “Fitzharrys have been great at helping my son and encouraging him to keep up with the good work and to try new things.”

  • “My daughter has settled in really well and is enjoying her time here and appears to be thriving. I am happy.”

  • “Given my son a new start and his confidence has soared.”

  • “Positive attitudes, teachers are helpful and help pupils understand to help them learn. We are very happy with the school and the way our children are being taught.”

  • “Always feel welcome at Fitz and well informed and confident Fitz will deal with any issues raised ASAP. Happy they ‘know’ my children.”

  • “I am pleased with the way my son feels at school”

  • “Fitzharrys’ reputation has come a long way”

  • “I feel the school is improving and will become a very good school.”

  • “It’s a great school. We have confidence in leadership and the governors.”

  • “Think it’s a fantastic school”

  • “It’s a wonderfully caring school which seeks to fulfil every child’s potential”