Homework or personal study will support your learning outside the classroom, enable you to explore new ideas and help you to remember what you have learnt.

Top Homework Tips

  • Undertake your work in a quiet, homework-friendly area with no distractions
  • Get into a routine and schedule regular study time
  • Try to do your homework the night it is set so that it doesn’t pile up
  • Break down large assignments into manageable chunks
  • Always try your best

Homework should take the allotted time; if it takes too long then let your teacher know. If you finish it quickly, then make sure it is your very best work and let your teacher know if it is too easy.

Students studying for exams should the Revision page on a regular basis to access our latest study support resources and revision aids.

Personal Study Timetables

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Homework Links & Resources


Students will be given log-ins in class for the following websites:

The following link opens a folder containing homework PDFs and other Maths resources that you can view and save to your own devices:

Maths Chase is a simple, fun, free game where you can test your times tables:


A copy of any set text in Graphic Novel form is a useful resource to aid studies.

The follow websites and channels are also useful; the British Library website has a range of 19th century texts.

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