More Able, Gifted and Talented

At Fitzharrys we know that everyone has skills and talents that make them truly special. We are an ambitious school with high expectations of our students and our staff. We want everyone to achieve their very best, going above and beyond what they previously thought possible. Fitzharrys' Growth Mindset and focus on self-improvement mean that we are a school that enables star to shine.

Extra stretch and challenge runs through all aspects of our school. At the heart of this approach is our focus on high quality teaching & learning, nurtuting and provoking each student's curiosity and engagement through rich questioning and high expectations in each and every lesson. In addition the More Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinator identifies students and works with departments to challenge and monitor the progress of more able, gifted and talented students. We have a wide range of exciting projects and dimensions to our curriculum and extra-curricular activities to stimulate and challenge our learners.

We are in the fourth year of our partnership with Abingdon School, with students working together in Science, Drama, Geography, Technology and sport. Student mentoring between the two schools ensures that extra stretch and challenge. Students are studying Astronomy and Latin GCSEs through this link.

We make use of connections with a wide range of clubs, businesses and universities to add to their experiences. Alongside the work in the classroom, the school offers students opportunities to become involved in a range of activities aimed at encouraging their skills and talents. These include: Maths Challenge; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Club; Science Week; Cipher Challenge; Debate club; Latin club; Modern Languages Olympiad; Lego Challenge; Oxfordshire Magistrates' Court competition; Young Enterprise; Carnegie Book Award; choirs and bands. We are involved in an IT project with CERN, working with scientists in Switzerland and at Oxford University.

Our links with Abingdon School and St Helens & St Katherines mean that our stduenst also have access to enhanced careers information, providing advice for those considering medicine and other subjects at university. Fitzharrys students have a strong track record of progressing to established universities and also on to apprenticeships in engineering and other areas.  

Students from Fitzharrys also excel in the sporting arena, and we encourage this sporting success by supporting students who play or perform at County and National Level. Students are also offered a wide range of leadership opportunities such as Language Leaders or Sports Leaders.

Some of the Fitzharrys project team collaborating with Oxford University and scientists at CERN to recreate the Large Hadron Collider using Minecraft.

Fitzharrys is involved with Astronomy GCSE through our links with Abingdon School.

Fitzharrys students proudly accepting their Oxfordshire Young Scientist of the Year awards at the Natural History Museum. They have now moved on to further their scientific study at Oxford, Exeter and Warwick.


Fitzharrys students shine in the UKMT Maths Challenge. These students went on to achieve great things with the Further Maths Challenge at regional level.