Online Services & E-Safety

Fitzharrys employs a range of online services, both to improve communications with students, parents and carers, and to support learning at school.

Wireless Network 

We recognise that students need to access the wide range of information and resources available on the internet from their own devices. Our own learning platform, for instance, is web-based.

We have a secure, high speed and freely available wireless network across the whole school site. Students are permitted to bring wireless devices onto site and, with their teacher’s permission, may use them for work in lessons.

From a parent or carers’ point of view, it is worth noting that internet access through the school’s wireless network is more controlled than through the mobile network and that it probably gives better performance.  Please note we have no insurance to cover personal electronic devices so anything brought onto the site is at students’ own risk.

Learning Platform

We have a learning platform called Moodle. The learning platform is a password protected site. It gives students access to digital resources which their teachers have uploaded to support learning. All students have been issued with a learning platform user ID and password, which is the same as their computer password.



For guidance on social media, internet safety and how to keep your child safe online, please view the links and read the information newsletters from Thames Valley Police. 

Useful resources:

UK Safe Internet Centre - Factsheet for parents and carers
UK Safe Internet Centre - Presentation for parents and carers 
UK Safe Internet Centre - Presentation script for parents and carers
Childnet International - Supporting young people online
Oxfordshire County Council - Supporting young people online
Digital Parenting Magazine

Useful websites:


Freeware Software

We are aiming to make more use of freeware software, both because it is perfectly capable of doing most of the tasks we need to achieve at school, and secondly because it is readily available for free at home. We have installed the following programs on the school network and each of these can be installed for free at home.

  • Open Office - a fully featured office suite, compatible with Microsoft file formats
  • Scratch - computer programming environment
  • Gamemaker - games programming environment
Thames Valley Police Newsletters on Online Safety