Personal Study

All students are set regular personal study or homework to reinforce and extend their classroom learning. Personal study is set according to a schedule which is detailed here. The time for which students are expected to study beyond the timetable increases as they rise through the school to a minimum expectation of 4 hours per week per subject in the sixth form. Students are issued with a planner to help them record and organise their work and this is regularly checked by their tutor.

Young people often lead busy lives with lots of competition for their time. To support them, independent study, parents & carers can:

  • Log in to My Child At School (your online homework record) or alternatively check your child’s planner for updates on homework tasks and deadlines.
  • Encourage your child to get into a routine of doing homework early, ideally on the day that it is set.
  • Provide a quiet and comfortable place for your child to do their homework, free from potential distractions such as television, mobile phones or social media.
  • Check any completed work to ensure it reflects their best efforts.

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