PSHCE Programme

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) aims to help improve the ways in which students learn, relate to others, grow socially, choose healthy lifestyles and become independent citizens playing a positive part in society.  The curriculum is enriched by outside speakers who may specialise in certain areas, for example, drugs education, relationships and careers advice.

The aim of the school’s sex education programme is for students to develop a clear understanding of the facts with encouragement to use the knowledge responsibly and with full consideration for others.  The various aspects of sex education such as physical development, the biology of reproduction, contraception and sexually transmitted infections are covered in the curriculum, notably within Science and PSHCE.  In addition to this, Year 9 students spend a day participating in a series of expert-led workshops in our successful Sexual Health Education Carousel. This includes focus on the topics of contraception, relationships, sexually-transmitted infections, parenting and personal safety.

The school is aware that its role is complementary and supportive to the role of parents and our aim is to create an atmosphere in which responsible attitudes to all relationships are expected and encouraged. 

Read our PSCHE curriculum summary for more more details, and find our school’s governor-approved policy on sex education as well as our PSHCE policy on our Policies page.

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