The Upper School - Years 10 and 11



The Upper School is made up of students in Years 10 and 11. These years are ones of great opportunities, important decisions and real challenges. It is in these two years that students undertake work experience, prepare for public exams, plan for their choices post-16 and of course look forward to some of the social events of the two years, especially the Year 11 Ball.

Year 10 students undertake a week of work experience, in the week before the summer half-tem. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into possible areas of career interest, or just to experience the work-place in a job with which students are not familiar. It is always impressive to see our students respond to the challenge of work experience, putting into action the skills and attributes they have learned at Fitzharrys as well as often surprising themselves with just how resourceful they can be. 

Information about work experience can be downloaded here:



Letter to parents


Guidance for students

Student Application Form


Risk assessment


Parent-student agreement form


Employers agreement form



Upper school contacts

Mrs T Jarvis - Head of Upper School

10F - Ms S Randall
10H - Mrs K Corfield
10I - Mrs K Amos

10Z - Miss A Twyford

11I - Mr M Haycocks
11Z - MR L McCook
11H - Mr T Lee
11F - Mrs M Philbin


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