Young Carers at School



As part of our dedicated support for students we have a designated member of our pastoral staff to oversee the support for young carers.

Young carers show great responsibility, generally caring for members of their immediate family who may be:

  • A parent with an illness, disability, mental health problem or dependence on alcohol or drugs,
  • An elderly grandparent who is frail, or who has a health problem or disability,
A brother or sister who has a health problem or disability



We appreciate the pressures that may come with such an important role, and we aim to do our best to provide additional support.

It would help us greatly to know if there are any family circumstances, such as disability or long-term illness, which may mean that your child would benefit from additional support.

We are delighted that Fitzharrys special support for our Young Carers was recognised in the 2014 Oxfordshire Young Carers Award, with the school gaining both Bronze and Silver status.


pastoral staff 

Pastoral Director - Mr A Williams
Head of Upper School - Mrs T Jarvis
Head of Lower School - Miss T Clark

Student Well-Being Managers
Miss P Allen (KS3)
Mrs C Jones (KS4)
Miss R David (Year 7)