Our Values

Fitzharrys Fundamentals and combatting extremism

Education at Fitzharrys develops each students’ knowledge and skills across a wide range of subjects, nurturing enthusiasms and helping students to discover new talents. This education also includes the development of personal character and the values that will make students a positive member of their school, local and global communities.

Students develop these values in subject lessons, Fitz Focus and Fitz Focus Plus sessions, assemblies and through Word of the Week, Hot Spots focus, our regular charity work, the Council of Houses, our celebration of awareness days and much more.

The Department for Education sets out key ‘Fundamental British Values’. We have built upon these ideas to compile the Fitzharrys Fundamentals booklet (below), developing the principles of:

  • Commonality, tolerance and diversity
  • Responsibility
  • Mutual respect
  • Individual liberty
  • Democracy
  • The rule of law


The Fitzharrys Fundamentals booklet shows the relevance of each principle in our students’ lives at school and beyond. These values and our ethos support each student in becoming an active citizen who understands the importance of community and commonality, and that Together Everyone Achieves More.

We launched Fitzharrys Fundamentals through assemblies in January (assembly slides and further information available via the link at the bottom of this webpage). As a positive and inclusive school community we are proud to stand by the principles of Educate Against Hate. This is consistent with the government’s Prevent strategy and focus on combatting extremism and radicalisation, issues featuring prominently in the media. 

Education and information are vital elements in encouraging positive attitudes and helping students and families be aware of potential risk factors. Our e-safety programme supports students in making informed choices and understanding how they can be influenced on-line.  

The Fitzharrys Fundamentals booklet includes a wider range of helpful resources and websites to provide access to professional support for students. We encourage students to speak to someone at school if they have a concern about anything.

The booklet and posters around school share our key message:

  • Fitzharrys School is a community founded on the principle that 'Together Everyone Achieves More'. 
  • We share fundamental values based on mutual respect, embracing our commonality and the things that bring us together, celebrating the diversity and individuality which are a strength of our inclusive community.
  • We believe in the importance of personal responsibility, supported by our school rules and values which mirror the expectations of our democratic society.
  • We value each and every member of the Fitzharrys community, their background, culture and faith. We speak up against discrimination and prejudice on the basis of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or other factor. There is no place for hate and extremism in our school.

Together Everyone Achieves More