Together Everyone Achieves More

Fitzharrys is an improving school that is really going places. Fitzharrys students and staff are celebrating another year of new records at GCSE in 2015.  69% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades, a further improvement on last year. The percentage of grades at A*/A is a new school record.  20% of students achieved 5 or more A*/A grades. We have seen more A^ results than previously, the grade above A* awarded for exceptional achievement.  Students in the Abingdon Consortium for Education once again achieved record A Level exam results.  The percentage of A* and A grades is once more above the national average, with 11% of students achieved at least 3 A* or A grades. We are very proud of our students and staff, and it is great to see their hard work, commitment and determination rewarded in this way.

Latest school news

Radio Oxford Sox Appeal  

We were delighted to take 500 pairs of socks to Radio Oxford on Wednesday 16th December for their Sox Appeal.  Donated socks will be distributed around the homeless charities in Oxfordshire.  Thank you to all staff and students who donated.

Revision Guides

To aid all Year 11s with their revision for their GCSEs there are some revision guides on the Upper School Support page.  Please click here.

Fitzharrys School Association 200 club 

Would you like to raise money for the school and take part in a monthly prize draw with better odds than the lottery? Then join the FSA200 club.  For further information please click here or contact fsa@fitzharrys.oxon.sch.uk

Events at Fitzharrys

Feb 11-12th
FAME performance

The students are busy rehearsing for the Fame production.  Tickets are available in Student Services. £5 for adults and £3.50 for children.

Feb 22nd 
Desire Activities week

Key Stage 3 will have the opportunity of doing Dance and Sports activities this week. 

Mar 3rd
A2 Parents Consultation 

The consultation meeting is at Fitzharrys School from 4.30pm to 7.30pm in the main hall.

House Points

The Fitzharrys House system is just one of the ways in which students develop and demonstrate our core values of Leadership, Excellence, Ambition, Respect and No Limits.  There are so many ways in which everyone can win points for themselves and for their House.  The healthy competition encourages students to reach for greater heights.  You can see the latest scores between the four houses below.  

Message from the Headteacher

Our mission statement - high expectations and high ambition for all  

Fitzharrys is an improving school that is really going places. This progress is driven by our commitment to our students, our values and our vision. This is encapsulated in our mission statement which builds upon the existing strengths that our students, staff, parents and inspectors recognise.

We are a loving school, committed to the nurturing and safeguarding of everyone. Our values of Leadership, Excellence, Ambition, Respect and No Limits underpin the decency, honesty and empathy consistent with the flourishing of humanity.

Students at Fitzharrys thrive and achieve because of the school’s strong ethos of community and individuality. They enjoy learning because of the climate of high expectation and high ambition. Each student is well known by staff and relationships are positive, creating a culture where progress and success are nurtured by care and support. Fitzharrys works with every student to develop their abilities and skills, creating achievement and success for all.

To read more about our vision for Fitzharrys, click here. 

To discover more about how our school brings our values to life, please explore our website or book a tour to come and see for yourself.

Jonathan Dennett, Headteacher, Fitzharrys School

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High Expectations and High Ambitions For The Future
Vision For The Future

The staff and governors at Fitzharrys have high expectations and ambitions for the future of the school. This document outlines some of our aims for the next two years. We have already shared this with parents in one of our regular open meetings. It builds upon the existing strengths that our students, staff, parents and inspectors recognise, and shows where we are heading. Details of our vision in action.