Together Everyone Achieves More

Welcome to our fantastic school where Together Everyone Achieves More

Our mission statement starts “We are a great school that is really moving forward because of everyone's passions, creativity, consistency and commitment.

We are a school with strong and warm relationships. We have committed and caring staff who want to get the very best from every child. We see our students as our greatest assets, as it is their sparkle, charm and individuality that makes our school what it is. When you join our school you are immediately part of the Fitzharrys family, with the love, support and challenge to feel happy in a place where you belong. This means you can achieve your very best.

With a very positive recent Ofsted report, record results, record attendance and impressive behaviour for learning, Fitzharrys is a great school where everyone has the opportunity to shine. All of these positives confirm the view of our parents and Ofsted that we are “a very caring and supportive community where pupils flourish.”

We believe that like our students the potential for Fitzharrys is limitless. This is a strong school that is set up for even greater success, and it is really going places. Students, staff and governors can be proud to be part of something special, making a real difference to the lives of our young people and our community.

The ethos and spark of Fitzharrys are captures in school motto ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ and in our key values of Growth, Ownership, Achievement, Leadership and Success. We welcome visitors for a tour at any time to discover more about Fitzharrys and to see all the great things that our school has to offer.

Best wishes
Jonathan Dennett, Headteacher


Latest school news

Abingdon School and Fitzharrys School Partnership Celebration Day        

Students and teachers from Fitzharrys School and Abingdon School have been working on the collaborative approach to teaching and learning.  Students worked hard all day on Tuesday 13th June and between 5pm and 6pm they presented their work to their parents and teachers from both schools.  Please click here to find out more about the day and photos from their presentations. 

Arts and Culture Celebration Evening     

Thank you to everyone who came to our Arts and Culture Celebration Evening on Thursday 15th June.  Please click here to view a short video from the evening. 

Events at Fitzharrys

July  14th

House Points

The Fitzharrys House system is just one of the ways in which students develop and demonstrate our core values of Leadership, Excellence, Ambition, Respect and No Limits.  There are so many ways in which everyone can win points for themselves and for their House.  The healthy competition encourages students to reach for greater heights.  You can see the latest scores between the four houses below.  

Message from the Headteacher

Parents’ praise for Fitzharrys is a great reward for everyone’s hard work

Our Ofsted report is packed full of positives, and above all confirms that “Parents’ faith in Fitzharrys is well founded; this is a very caring community.”

In May 2016 we asked all parents of Year 7 students why they would recommend Fitzharrys. These are just some of their responses:

“Happy, relaxed and treat children as unique individuals.”
“Great community and lots of encouragement to students.”
“Fitzharrys is a very friendly/caring school and my son is enjoying it.”
“Happy child who is progressing. Supportive tutor to talk to.”
“Good discipline and ethos.”
“Very positive school in all areas. Lots of help and encouragement for us and our son.” 
“Our daughter has excelled during year 7.”
“My son is happy, keen to learn and making good progress”.
“I have a very happy young lady. Very happy with everything.” 
“Very supportive teachers. Parents well informed. His progress is very positive.” 
“My daughter has settled well and is achieving in all subjects.” 
“My son is happy, stimulated and well supported at Fitzharrys”.
“Very friendly school; very approachable staff.” 
“We love the school!”

The report repeats the words enthusiasm, passion and pride again and again. They describe us as “a very caring and supportive community where pupils flourish”. They recognised our “warm and welcoming culture” as well as our committed staff, good behaviour, positive relationships, strong leadership and consistently good teaching and achievement.

It’s great to have the many strengths of our school recognised so positively, and I’d urge you to take time to read the report in full. It matches the findings of our governor surveys and Ofsted parent view, but above all it reflects the day to day experience at our happy, warm, successful school.

A big thank you and congratulations to Fitzharrys’ students, staff and governors, who all deserve this great recognition.

Jonathan Dennett
Fitzharrys School
June 2016

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High Expectations and High Ambitions For The Future
Vision For The Future

The staff and governors at Fitzharrys have high expectations and ambitions for the future of the school. This document outlines some of our aims for the next two years. We have already shared this with parents in one of our regular open meetings. It builds upon the existing strengths that our students, staff, parents and inspectors recognise, and shows where we are heading. Details of our vision in action.