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Pupil premium and disadvantaged students 

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The Fitzharrys Scholars programme: ethos and strategy to support disadvantaged students

For September 2017 we have established ‘Fitzharrys Scholars’ as the new terminology for our disadvantaged students. This is consistent with developing a growth mindset and re-booting expectations for staff and students alike. We are committed to improving the outcomes & life chances for disadvantaged students.

Staff have worked together to produce detailed profiles of each Scholar, compiling proven teaching strategies, knowledge of their interests and talents alongside the contextual data and (where appropriate) SEND information to enable us better to meet their needs.

Scholars feature prominently in all our planning and discussions on teaching and learning and pastoral provision.

Each governing body committee has a particular focus on disadvantaged/ scholars to ensure that funding is being allocated appropriately and that we are having an impact in achieving our goals for our Scholars.

Quality First Teaching for everyone is our objective at Fitzharrys. This includes:

  • Differentiation and personalisation in our planning and delivery of lessons
  • Ensuring that students understand their learning and how to make progress
  • Checking understanding and nurturing curiosity through rich questioning & Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Encouraging, praising and rewarding good work and good behaviour for learning
  • Support, stretch and challenge for all
  • Developing independence, reflection and resilience in learning
  • High quality feedback from teachers to promote action and progress from students
  • Effective Triple Impact Marking in line with our policy and expectations

This is especially important for our disadvantaged students. As a school we have agreed to:

  • Know these children and act as their advocates
  • Always mark their books first so that they have quality feedback
  • Consider them in the forefront of our planning
  • Ensure they are indicated on our data seating plans, with an impact on questioning and attention
  • Create opportunities for them to blossom

As well as work in the classroom, there is a committed and effective focus on ensuring strong attendance for disadvantaged students. We also make sure that disadvantaged students can benefit from all the opportunities open to them at Fitzharrys. 



2014 and 2016 saw record results for disadvantaged students at GCSE. However, overall results in 2015 and 2017 for disadvantaged students were disappointing. The detailed strategy we have in place is directed to addressing te issues of 2017 and to return to the positive outcomes of recent years.

With solid levels of performance in Key Stage 3, we know that there is strength in depth at Fitzharrys and that our students are getting the support and challenge that they need and deserve from the start.

As with all groups of students, the Fitzharrys Governors pay close attention to the progress and success of all disadvantaged students.

The review of pupil premium spending for 2016/17 in accessible here. 

The Pupil Premium Strategy(The Pupil Premium report is updated every year in Term 2).