At Fitzharrys, we want each of our students to be happy, independent, resilient and resourceful, developing their confidence, curiosity and creativity.  

Strong and consistent teaching and learning cultivate these qualities through:

  • Differentiation and personalisation in our planning and delivery of lessons
  • Ensuring students understand their learning and how to make progress
  • Checking understanding and nurturing curiosity through rich questioning & Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Encouraging, praising and rewarding good work and good behaviour for learning
  • High quality feedback from teachers to promote action and progress from students
  • Support, stretch and challenge for all

The curriculum at Fitzharrys offers our students a rich range of experiences and wider learning alongside the core subjects, skills and values, helping to prepare our students for whatever the future holds.

Our Curriculum policy is available on our Policies page.  

Curriculum Details

For curriculum summaries, please click on the subject links below. Further subject information on KS5 curriculum and course content can be found in our Sixth Form: JMF6 pages. 

Art View View Curriculum Summary
Business Studies View Curriculum Summary
Computer ScienceView Curriculum Summary
Drama View Curriculum Summary
English View Curriculum Summary
Geography View View Curriculum Summary
History View Curriculum Summary
Mathematics View Curriculum Summary
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) View Curriculum Summary
MusicView Curriculum Summary
Philosophy & EthicsView Curriculum Summary
Physical Education View Curriculum Summary
Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE) View Curriculum Summary
Science View Curriculum Summary
Sociology View Curriculum Summary
Technology View Curriculum Summary

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