The curriculum at Fitzharrys encompasses learning within lessons as well as our school’s ethos, our social, moral, spiritual and cultural provision (SMSC) and each student’s wider experiences. The entirety of our curriculum must be life-changing, empowering each student, developing equity and enriching everyone.

We have reviewed our curriculum as part of the next phase of Fitzharrys’ development. This involves a coordinated mapping of our intent at subject, faculty and school level, ensuring our curriculum is sequenced to build each student’s knowledge and skills, supported by further opportunities. The drivers of our curriculum are captured in the 5 C’s:

  • Character: achieve balance and control, play an active role
  • Curiosity: seek the truth, try something new
  • Culture: experience the wow, develop your know how
  • Connections: make links in learning, make links for life
  • Confidence: shake someone by the hand, look them in the eye

We are working towards our agreed principles and aspirations for our ethos and curriculum, which are to:

  • Nurture ambition, confidence, independence and resilience to support all students as they progress to the next stage of their learning and their future
  • Induct students into the joy of life-long learning, taking them beyond their own experience and engaging their sense of curiosity, challenge, awe and wonder
  • Ensure that students know more and remember more about a core body of knowledge and cultural capital as a foundation for success and engagement with learning in a fast-changing world
  • Develop literacy, vocabulary and numeracy so all students can confidently access the curriculum and enhance their life chances
  • Encourage a broad range of talents, skills and interests through experiences and opportunities that inspire engagement, performance and participation
  • Stimulate true engagement so that all students form connections and understand the relevance and lasting importance of their learning, with the adaptability to apply their knowledge and skills in different contexts
  • Develop each student’s social and moral awareness and understanding of their responsibilities to themselves, others, society and the environment as active citizens in the local, national and global communities
  • Inspire students to stay fit, healthy and safe and make sensible choices for life
  • Foster skills of advocacy, analysis, debate, discussion and evaluation to make informed choices, seek the truth, be a positive influence in the world and know how others try to influence them
  • Model and nurture empathy, compassion and cooperation so that all students value and respect differences and diversity in an inclusive school and society

Our Curriculum statement is available on our Policies page.  

Curriculum queries can be directed to Mr Browne. Email: wbrowne@fitzharrys.oxon.sch.uk

Curriculum Details

We are updating our curriculum summary sheets in line with our curriculum review. The previous versions can be accessed by clinking on the links below. Further subject information on KS5 curriculum and course content can be found in our Sixth Form: JMF6 pages. 

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