Careers Overview

careers provision at fitzharrys: an outline

The documents below outline Fitzharrys' careers provision:

Careers Strategy

Careers Journey


Exploring careers options at Fitzharrys

Exploring careers options, experiencing the working world, and receiving information, advice and guidance from fully qualified independent advisors are all important parts of the careers journey part of each Fitzharrys student’s personal development.

Fitzharrys is working with the Local Enterprise Partnership as part of the local Careers Hub. Our work with the LEP supports our work towards achieving the Gatsby benchmarks. We continue to develop our careers provision to make sure that all students receive the information, advice and guidance to support their ambitions and that they are aware of and inspired to explore new pathways.

Careers-related activities, CV and application writing and interview practice are features of our FitzFocus+ PSHE curriculum. Students meet with employers and people from a wide range of career areas during key stage three to broaden their knowledge of the variety of opportunities in their future working lives. The Enterprise Project in Year 9 brings additional opportunities and insight into the world or business and entrepreneurship.

All students are prepared for and take part in work experience in Year 10. Our students return with a fresh perspective on the world of work.

In Year 11, every student has an individual careers interview with an independent specialist careers advisor. There is also information and guidance about pathways leading into the Sixth Form: JMF6-Abingdon, onto a college course or into an apprenticeship.


regular careers events

Fitzharrys School organises regular careers exploration events for students, including:

Year 8 Human Careers Library

In groups, students meet with employees (including apprentices) from a wide variety of career sectors in a ‘speed dating’ type activity.  They quiz the visitors and afterwards evaluate what they learn – and nominate which of the careers they would most like to pursue.

Army Careers Day

Key Stage 4 students enjoy talking directly to those involved in a wide range of roles within the armed services.  There is even some equipment to try out!

Employer and Industry Events

There are also curriculum-focused interactions with employers and industry. For instance, catering events – experience in working kitchens, the hospitality industry and with chefs and agronomists exploring future pathways for our food and nutrition students.

Abingdon Futures

Abingdon Futures is a careers information event focused on post-16 courses and apprenticeships. Students benefit from this joint event by the local post-16 providers as part of the open approach to finding the right course and pathway for each of their futures.

Abingdon Careers Fair

Abingdon Careers Fair is an event shared across the three Abingdon secondary schools. Students have the opportunity to speak to a wider range of employers and to apprentices, including former Fitzharrys students.


Post-16 Careers information, advice and guidance

Post-16 students enjoy a comprehensive programme of careers advice, work experience and enrichment at the Outstanding rated joint Sixth Form: JMF6-Abingdon. This includes access to independent school careers evenings and visits to a university and UCAS fair.  There is also bespoke support to prepare for different pathways – apprenticeships as well as university applications (Oxbridge and Russell Group included).