School Council

Your School Council is just one of the many ways that Fitzharrys students develop leadership skills and make a tangible contribution to school life.

The voice and opinion of Fitzharrys students really matters. Your views have an impact in shaping all areas of school life. Whether you stand as a School Councillor or just contribute through form discussions, you can make a difference.  

On the School Council, students identify projects based on student and staff feedback, and work in focus groups in line with our core values. There are also further leadership opportunities in the form of House Captain and our newly formed Leadership Academy.

Working together with teachers and governors, our School Council has had a key role in securing a wide range of improvements at Fitzharrys, including:

  • Improved dining facilities and catering
  • Picnic areas and improved social spaces
  • Access to recreational equipment at break and lunch
  • Improved changing facilities
  • Changes to school uniform

Student Council Aim​

To create a sustainable and successful student council, where students across the school are provided the opportunity to have their voice heard. This allows students to play an active role in the development of Fitzharrys school and ensures the Fitzharrys community is a happy and successful place to learn and work.

Why run for Student Council? ​

Running to be a School Councillor is a great way to make your voice heard and make a positive difference to our school as well as develop your leadership skills. Along with other students in the council, you will have input into our development priorities to help make Fitzharrys even better.

How do I become a Student Councillor? ​

​Each form group elects their Council representatives in September or October. Usually, there are two students elected within each form group. Talk to your form tutor, Head of Year or Student Wellbeing Manager to register your interest.