School Council

Your School Council is just one of the many ways that Fitzharrys students develop leadership skills and make a tangible contribution to school life.

The voice and opinion of Fitzharrys students really matters. Your views have an impact in shaping all areas of school life. Whether you stand as a Form Rep or just contribute through form discussions, you can make a difference.  

On the School Council, Fitzharrys students form part of our Learning Committee; sharing their views on what makes for exciting, engaging and effective learning and our Well-being/Community Committee; sharing views on student support, well-being, the environment and our school community. Students have been involved in developing our behaviour and anti-bullying policies and even act as associate governors, reporting directly to the governing body and supporting school success.

Working together with teachers and governors, our School Council has had a key role in securing a wide range of improvements at Fitzharrys, including:

  • Our school minibus
  • Refurbished toilets across the school
  • Improved dining facilities and catering
  • Picnic areas and improved social spaces
  • Access to recreational equipment at break and lunch
  • Improved changing facilities
  • Changes to school uniform

Students can also take on leadership roles as Year Reps/House Reps, House Captains and as Head Boy and Head Girl.

For further information on joining the School Council, please speak to your form tutor, Head of Year/Student Wellbeing Manager or to Mr Williams.