ePraise & MCAS

Good communication between school and home is vital as this ensures teachers, parents and carers are well-informed and able to provide personalised support to help students achieve their best. ePraise and My Child at School (MCAS) keep parents informed about what is happening in school on a day-to-day and long term basis.



ePraise is used to support positive Behaviour for Learning. Students and parents can access the ePraise website and once logged into for the first time via a computer, access can also be achieved via the supporting app. This is highly recommended as the app enables students and parents to view the House points they have been awarded as well as headline summaries for each House, along with any negative behaviours and supporting interventions awarded; either 'B2' lunch detentions, 'B3' after-school detentions, or 'B3' after-school catch ups for the non-completion of homework. In addition to these helpful features ePraise also has details of the students' timetable, personal study tasks and attendance headline figures, enabling parents to have an overview of what their child is doing in school and how they are engaging with the learning process.

In addition to these day to day functions, our parents evening bookings are completed via ePraise, with teacher appointments being booked via the app along with the supporting rooms if these events are held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

The ePraise app is available to download for both Android and iPhone operating systems and it is essential that all parents have access to the system and that they are engaged with this on a daily basis. Claims of no homework or detentions can be easily checked!


My Child at School (MCAS)

In addition to accessing ePraise, every parent receives a log-in to the My Child at School website which, as well as  providing student information such as timetables and live information on attendance, also gives you access to all progress checks following each assessment cycle. Please note, guides on progress checks can be found at the bottom of our Assessments webpage.

Parents Guide to MY Child at School 

We encourage parents and carers to use My Child at School alongside ePraise to support both the academic and personal development of students. Success is achieved by home and school working together in partnership to support the learning process.