Pupil Premium

Support for disadvantaged students


The Pupil Premium is a grant given by government to schools to narrow the attainment gap that exists nationally between students classified as ‘disadvantaged’ and their peers. The Pupil Premium includes children who have qualified for Free School Meals at any point during the last six years, children who are or have been looked after under local authority care for more than one day, and children from service families who receive a child pension from the Ministry of Defence. 

If your child qualifies for free school meals, it is important that you inform Fitzharrys – even if they take a packed lunch – as this enables us to claim Pupil Premium which will be used to benefit their learning and improve their outcomes. Free School Meals are available to children whose parents receive Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit and/or Universal Credit (dependent on income). Please contact our Senior Administrative Officer for more details.

Fitzharrys is fully committed to improving outcomes for all disadvantaged students, and over recent years we have had notable successes in supporting students to exceed expectations. Disadvantaged students feature prominently in all our planning and discussions on teaching and learning and pastoral provision. There is an effective focus on ensuring strong attendance for disadvantaged students together with the provision of any necessary support to ensure disadvantaged students benefit from all the opportunities open to them at Fitzharrys. 

We play a leading role in the OX14 Learning Partnership of Schools development of new strategies to improve support for disadvantaged students throughout the wider community.

All schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium grant as they see fit, but are held accountable for the use of this additional funding.  Our governing body committees have a particular focus on disadvantaged students to ensure that funding is being allocated appropriately and that we are having an impact in achieving our goals for Scholars.

The Pupil Premium Strategy is available to read on the link below, and further guidance can be found on our Policies page.