Supporting successful revision strategies

At Fitzharrys, we want to equip students with everything they need to do their very best in exams, and our aim is to ensure students feel confident that they know what and how to revise for all their subjects.  We also want to empower parents and carers with knowledge on how to best support their children through this time, giving them everything they need to ensure that their children are revising effectively. 

At this potentially stressful time, we know it is essential that young people’s wellbeing is supported.  Fitzharrys School aims to ensure all stakeholders to have access to wellbeing advice and related resources in order to foster resilience and protect mental health. 

Successful students work hard during this period, both in the run up to and during exams.  Concerted efforts in subject revision together with the employment of wider revision strategies will set students up with the best chance of achieving all they are capable of.  Ultimately, students, and parents and carers, should finish this process with a sense of integrity and confidence that they have done everything in their power to enable successful GCSEs.

As well as informing students, parents, and carers about the practicalities and logistics of the GCSE season, this webpage contains a wealth of useful information and expertise on maximising revision and on supporting wellbeing.  We hope that you find our resources beneficial.


KS4 Exam Preparation 

The documents below will help students prepare for their mock exams, containing links to revision outlines for each subject:

Year 10

Year 10 March 2024 Mocks Preparation

Year 11

Year 11 Nov 2023 Mocks Preparation

Year 11 March 2024 Mocks Preparation

Year 11 Summer 2024 Exams Preparation

Year 11 Exam Planner

Student Exam Season Planner 2024

Information for Parents 

Virtual Parent Information Session 2024  

Welcome to the Virtual Parent Information Session for Year 11 exams 2024.  
Previously delivered as an in-person Parent Information Evening, this year we are providing this information for you and our students virtually, so that all are able to engage with it at leisure and return to these guides repeatedly, whenever useful.  

The video guides below have been created by various members to key staff to support both parents and students through the examination period. You can access specific content in the video wall below, or watch the whole Virtual Parent Information Evening content on a continuous playlist on the following link:

Virtual Parent Information Session - Play videos 1-8 (continuous playlist)

If you have any further questions regarding revision or exams that you feel are not answered below (or on the Exams Office page) please do contact the school - we will always be pleased to help.  

1/ Introduction
2/ Planning
3/ How to revise English
4/ How to revise Maths
5/ How to revise Science
6/ General Resources
6b/ JCQ Video
7/ Wellbeing
8/ Final Messages

more revision resources

Notices and attachments in the expanding sections below will be regularly updated with current revision tips, resources and guidance.

GENERAL Revision Websites

Click on the links below to view:



Click on the links below to view subject specific revision websites. This list is currently being updated, more to follow soon.

Exam Boards by Subject 
Art Edexcel
Business Studies Edexcel
Computing OCR
Drama  Pearson BTEC
English AQA
French AQA
Geography OCR
History Edexcel
Mathematics AQA
Music Pearson BTEC
Product Design Edexcel
Science AQA
Spanish AQA
Sport Pearson BTEC


Where to find past papers ONLINE

Links to past papers for exam practice: