Transition from Year 6

Your journey to joining us

Hello future Year 7 students and welcome to Fitzharrys!

As well as feeling excited about the move to secondary school, it is perfectly natural to feel a little nervous. Here at Fitzharrys, we do lots of things to make sure that you are happy and confident about joining your great new school. As well as our key transition staff visiting you at primary school, we welcome you to our annual Transition Tea, Transition Day and Transition Evening, and this year we are also planning a Transition Summer School. Some of you will be able to visit us on extra days to ensure you feel really confident about joining Fitzharrys. We can't wait to see you soon!


Virtual Transition Day



Welcome from the Head of School

(r/t 1.28 min)

Mr Speke welcomes you to our Virtual Transition Day.

An Introduction to Transition Day

Ordinarily, our staff and students would be looking forward to welcoming you into Fitzharrys to experience Transition Day where you would meet the other students in your form group, familiarise yourself with the school site and participate in a full timetable of classes.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a physical transition day has sadly not been possible this year, but we greatly hope you will enjoy all the virtual lesson content and the alternative activities we have planned.

Our Virtual Transition Day consists of some get-to-know-you activities and a selection of lessons to give you a taste of what learning at Fitzharrys will be like. The lessons do not all have to be completed on the same day: students can complete these at home over the coming weeks. A resource pack for students has been sent to your primary school which includes transition work and activities.  

You will also find out which form group and Fitzharrys house you are in: Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus or Phoenix!

Please watch Miss Emeny's presentation and see the Lessons section below for more information.

Looking Ahead to Transition Evening

We are very pleased we can welcome you through Fitzharrys' doors for our upcoming Transition Evening events. To comply with government recommendations regarding COVID-19, we are staging this across multiple evenings which enables smaller groups to attend safely, based around your existing primary school groups where possible. Whilst this means you won't get to meet everyone in your form or year group just yet, you will still be able to attend Fitzharrys in person and explore some of the school site and spend time with some other students who are moving up with you.

Our second-hand uniform stores will be available for perusal and purchase on Transition Evening. There will also be an opportunity to view sample sizes to gauge the size your child will need. New uniform must be ordered online; see the section at the bottom of this webpage for further information.

Please remember to complete and return the forms in the Transition Pack by or on Transition Evening.

Parents/carers should have recently received a communication by email detailing the allocated date your child's Transition Evening.  Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Presentation from the Head of Year

(r/t 9.18 min)

Apologies - the following presentation is unavailable. We will try and get it reinstated as soon as possible.

Miss Emeny guides you through our Transition Day activities, your form groups and houses, and looks ahead to Transition Evening and Summer School.


Our Transition team at Fitzharrys have put together a variety of online lessons across a range of subjects including: Art, Design & Technology, English, Food Technology, French, Geography, Maths and Science. You might be able to start some of these lessons at primary school on Transition Day, but these can all be done at home, allowing you to work at your own pace. You could choose to undertake some over the next few days so you can bring in and share your finished work with us on Transition Evening. You could also choose to complete some lessons in the summer holiday.

The school day at Fitzharrys is comprised of 5 lessons, so we would suggest you try and aim to complete a minimum of 5 of the online lessons below.

For each lesson completed and outcome received, students will receive a house point. With 8 lessons to choose from - and an extra 2 bonus house points for anyone who completes them all - there is a total of 10 house points up for grabs for every student! This is a great way to get your points total off the ground early and help your house make a flying start in September.

We can't wait for you to share your work with us.  Don't forget to put your name on it so we know who to award house points to!  

Deliver your work to us by:

  • bringing it into school on your Transition Evening, or
  • bringing it into school on your first day with us in September, or
  • emailing it to subject teachers via the contact links on each lesson below. TOP TIP: copy in Miss Emeny too - - as she will keeping a record and awarding the house points!
Art Lesson

Mr Lee and his fluffy canine assistant Bentley guide you through the process of making art with words and slogans in the style of Bob and Roberta Smith.

You can send photos of your artwork to: and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points! 

View Slides

Design & Technology Lesson

(r/t 9.48 min)

Mr Williams is setting you a design challenge!

Watch the main video below to find out more, then watch this short animation about the Bloodhound SSC for inspiration.

You should find a laser-cut car kit included in your resource pack. If for any reason you don't have it, use the templates below to print out and make your car design.


Write your name on your work and bring your designs to hand in at school. Alternatively, send photos to: and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points!

English Lesson

(r/t 4.52 min)

Join our Head of English, Miss Hartley, who will talk you through your English task. Check your resource packs for your very own copy of the Iliad and Odyssey book and bookmark!

We would love you to read this book over the summer and complete one of the related tasks outlined in the video. There are 5 options to choose from.

The staff at Fitzharrys have recorded an audiobook of Iliad and Odyssey so you can listen to the stories too. Our very own audiobook version is available here!

We'd love it if you could bring your finished outcomes into school in September, or email them to: and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points!

Food & Nutrition Lesson

(r/t 19.55 min)

Learn some knife skills and how to make roasted potato wedges and a creative salad with Mrs Randall.

For this lesson, you can send photos of your cooking and quiz question answers by email to: and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points!

French Lesson

(r/t 1.44 min)

Mrs Philbin's French lesson is based on a fun fruit and vegetable theme!

Watch the instructional video clip below.

Here is a direct link to the vegetable song video.

Below are digital copies of your worksheets.


Send your completed work to and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points!

Geography Lesson

(r/t 2.46 min)

Show off your geographical knowledge and skills in Miss Emeny's Geography challenge.

Here are digital copies of the maps and challenge sheets.

Maps and challenge sheets

Send your completed work to

Maths Lesson

(r/t 21.23 min)

Mr Whitley's maths lesson focusses on patterns and the Fibonacci method.

You can send your work by email to: and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points!

Science Lesson

(r/t 6.36 min)

In Mrs Forder's Science lesson, you will discover a connection between a famous chemist and your birthday! Watch the video clip below and then have another look at the instructions for your lesson below - in which you will find a link to the RSC website needed for your research.


You can send your work by email to: and copy in Miss Emeny ( to help her tally up those house points!


Don't forget that our 3 transition films (Virtual Tour, Meet Key Staff and Messages from Year 7) can still be viewed on the links below. Watch them as many times as you like over the summer to help you get acquainted with everything Fitzharrys! 
Please note: the footage seen in these films was gathered across many different days over the last 12 months, always following the latest government advice re: COVID-19 regulations, bubbles and social distancing.

If the films seem 'pixelated', try switching to viewing them on YouTube where you can select the option to view in HD (usually in the bottom right hand corner of the video, depending on your browser).

Virtual Tour

(r/t 20.43 min)

Join our fantastic Year 7 guides for a whistlestop virtual tour of Fitzharrys School, featuring just some of the sights and settings that will soon become very familiar to all our new students.

Meet Key Staff 

(r/t 7.34 min)

Familiarise yourself with a few Fitzharrys faces who support our Year 7 students. Please note, this video does not include tutors as they are allocated later in the year.             

Messages from Year 7

(r/t 12.07 min)

Meet current Year 7 students as they talk about their experiences and pass on advice for new students as part of our transition programme.

Transition Pack

Our digital Transition Pack contains all the documents and forms you need to get set for the September start.

Click on the links below to download the documents and print out the forms relevant to you.

If you would like a hard copy of the Transition Pack, please contact our school office team who will arrange this for you. 

Please return the completed forms to Student Services by Transition Day (24th June), or failing that, at your allocated Transition Evening.  

Many thanks for your assistance.


Transition Pack Contents
Key Dates


Thursday 13th May 2021   I   4pm - 7pm
Virtual Transition Tea (Online)


Thursday 24th June 2021
Transition Pack form return - deadline


Thursday 24th June 2021+
Transition Day (Online)


24th June; 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th & 15th July   I   4-5pm
Transition Evenings (check ParentMail letter for your allocated date)



Monday 26th - Friday 30th July 2021
Summer School (details TBC)


1st August 2021
P&B uniform orders for home delivery - advised deadline


Friday 3rd September 2021
Start of term for Year 7 (and Year 10)

Uniform & Equipment

Buying Uniform

With the exception of school ties which are sold direct from Fitzharrys, our uniform can be ordered online at any time from our suppliers Price and Buckland and delivered to your home address. Orders are usually dispatched to a personal address within 5 working days although times will be extended during the busier months (June-September). To ensure delivery for the start of term Price & Buckland strongly advise that you place your orders by the 1st August 2021. They currently are offering free returns on all orders if you return items within 14 days - visit their website (linked above) for more details.

If it is more convenient for you to have your Price & Buckland purchases delivered to Fitzharrys School ahead of the September start, orders must be placed by Friday 2nd July 2021 and collected before the end of term - please note, it will not be possible to arrange collection from Fitzharrys during the summer holiday. To help with administration, we politely request that any Price & Buckland orders delivered to Fitzharrys are collected after 2pm any day during the week: Monday 12th - Friday 16th July. Once you receive the notification email from Price and Buckland that your order has been dispatched, please contact the school office to arrange a suitable time for collection.

Further details and general information can be found on our Uniform and Equipment pages, and a Price & Buckland sizing guide and order form can be found in the digital Transition Pack (see above).


School Ties and Lockers

We hold a stock of school ties that are available for purchase direct from Student Services here at Fitzharrys. They cost £7.00 each and you can order them via the payment facility in ParentMail, which is the system parents use at Fitzharrys for all payments including lunches and trips. To help with administration, we ask that purchased ties be collected from Fitzharrys after 2pm on either Monday 19th - Wednesday 21st July inclusive, or on one our INSET days: Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September, again after 2pm. However, those collecting uniform orders from Fitzharrys School during the week: Monday 12th - Friday 16th July are welcome to collect any school tie purchases on the same day.

You will also be able to pay for locker hire via ParentMail.  Lockers are used to safely store belongings and are available to hire for £25.00 for a student's school career.  £2.50 will be repaid upon return of the locker key at the end of Year 11. Refunds on locker hire are available if students leave the school before this time.

You will receive an email inviting you to register for ParentMail.  Please note this email will only go to the email account you registered with County Council on your admission application.  After you have registered, you should be able to access the payment facility within the app.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the school office team.


Second-hand Uniform

Fitzharrys' Student Services office also holds a stock of second-hand uniform, which will be accessible during the Transition Evenings. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing items second-hand at any other time.