Remote Learning

In the event of a full bubble or school closure students will receive daily work virtually. We will always endeavour to implement this immediately, but please be aware that in the event of an unexpected closure there may be one day of different provision, to enable staff to take necessary actions to prepare for a longer period of remote teaching.


What will remote education look like?


  • All students will be set 5 lessons per day, in addition to a morning registration period with their form tutor. Lessons will follow the students’ usual timetable.
  • Each day the student should log into epraise using their usual log in details. These can be requested by contact the school office
  • Once on epraise students will see a weekly timetable of lessons. Lessons will be labelled with subject and the period at which they would normally take place.
  • Students should click on the desired lesson and will be taken to a description of their remote learning.
  • Daily tutor time (Fitz Focus) will run at 8.40am as a Live Lesson via Microsoft Teams. A link will be shared on epraise each day. Here attendance will be taken, and any key notices will be discussed.
  • Their lessons will be delivered online. For each subject, at least 1 in 3 will be delivered live with their usual class teacher via Microsoft Teams. Links for all lessons will be shared on epraise.
  • All non-live lesson materials will also be shared daily via epraise. These lessons will contain audio or video instructions from the teacher and all resources and materials for the students’ lesson.
  • Lessons will run for 50 minutes to allow time for students to successfully transition between lessons and take sufficient breaks.
  • Students at KS3 will not receive homework during lockdown but will instead receive a daily wellbeing activity. This will include exercise, mindfulness and reading activities.
  • Students at KS4 will have a limited homework timetable of one quiz per fortnight per subject and one short assessment task per fortnight, which will receive teacher feedback. These tasks may be started in lessons.

Further details can be found in the attachments below.

Remote Learning: Top Tips & Guidance

Video Version with Commentary

Slideshow Version


Remote Learning Policy

Instructional Video: Accessing Assessment on Feedback on Teams


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