Mobile Phone Policy

Fitzharrys School appreciates that parents and carers may wish their child to carry a mobile phone for reasons of personal safety.  As a school, we do not take responsibility for phones or other electronic devices brought onto site.  

We have a clear and enforced policy to manage students' use of mobile phones. From September 2021, students will not be allowed to have their phones out or switched on during the school day. This change is in line with the government plans around mobile phones in schools, and we believe that this is a positive step for our school community, ensuring greater focus on learning, building positive relationships, and extra-curricular opportunities in school.

We encourage parents not to communicate with their child by mobile during the day but use to the main school office to make contact. If there is an emergency and you need to reach your child, then you will be able to contact us in the usual way. 

We will expect mobile phones or other devices to be off and safely stored away in bags when students are on site. The approach of 'See it, hear it, lose it' is used.  Students may be permitted to use their mobile phones in specific lessons, however if they are seen or heard without the permission of a member of staff they will be confiscated, with escalating consequences if caught more than once. Fitzharrys' regulated approach encourages a focus on learning, socialising, and reducing screen time.


For more information including wireless access details, visit our Online Services & E-Safety page.