Ethos, Vision & Values

Fitzharrys’ ethos, vision and values are centred around 3 words:


  • Aspiration

  • Opportunity

  • Integrity


These capture what we stand for, what we provide for our students, and what we want them to demonstrate and embrace at every point in their time at Fitzharrys.

Aspiration – We want each student and member of our community to achieve what they are capable of. This means aiming for their very best in every lesson and every opportunity. Staff work hard to ensure students know just how much they can achieve, alongside providing the support and know-how to help them meet their goals. Our focus on a vibrant and engaging curriculum, allied with nuanced support, enables our students to aim high and achieve great things.

Opportunity – To hit their high aspirations our students need opportunities. This comes in 3 clear forms: in the classroom, super curricular, and extra-curricular. Students’ primary opportunity is through their engagement with, and learning from, their lessons. This learning allows them to access knowledge, skills and perspectives that help them achieve their potential. Our super curricular activities allow subjects to enhance what is taught in the classroom with events, trips and activities that secure their understanding in different contexts. These, alongside our extra-curricular activities, such as Duke of Edinburgh awards and school performances, provide opportunities that educate, widen horizons, and build self-confidence.

Integrity – We want every student to develop and build this key characteristic whilst at Fitzharrys. Trust, decency, sincerity, and truthfulness are core values not just for life at Fitzharrys, but also for life in our community and for when our students leave school. Not only do our staff model this key quality, but they also work with our students to ingrain integrity in how they approach every task, encounter, and challenge they face.