On joining Fitzharrys School students are placed in one of four houses, they are a well-established part of Fitzharrys, bringing friendly rivalry and healthy competition to every aspect of school life. Tutor groups are assigned to Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus or Phoenix, and every member of staff and all the Fitzharrys governors are also members of the different Houses, creating a successful tutor group and house system.

Students earn House points in and out of the classroom for effort, achievement, excellence, community spirit and participation. House points are also awarded for academic competitions, performance events, sporting fixtures and much more; effort made in every area of school life is recognised and has an impact. Parents and students are able to monitor the house points awarded to via the ePraise app.

The House system provides students with opportunities to work together as a team and to compete in an open and friendly way. Multiple inter-House competitions run throughout the year, from academic and progress achievement awards to sport competitions. The annual House points race culminates in a hugely enjoyable summer Sports Day, where the school competes for the House Cup. This is a major highlight of our calendar, with students and staff always rising to the challenge and putting on a fantastic show both on the field and in support from the stands.

In addition, each House meets once a term for a House assembly. From Year 7 onwards, students are encouraged to participate in House and School Councils which involve students directly in their school and ways of improving it. This is extended in the Upper School where Year 10 and 11 students are encouraged to accept responsibility as ambassadors once they have their full school colours. Each House also makes regular collections for charities of their choice, and this plays an important role in the life of the school.