Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Fitzharrys is proud to be a fully inclusive school, valuing and celebrating the diversity of all our young people. We aim to enable every student to achieve their full potential and have successfully developed cultures, policies and practices that include all learners.

For students identified as having SEND, each individual’s learning needs are identified as part of our robust monitoring procedures, involving close partnership work with parents and carers. We provide teaching and learning contexts to meet these needs, mainly within the whole class environment. To ensure the effectiveness of our work, each member of staff is given training and support to deliver personalised learning. Teaching Assistants support in subject lessons, developing students’ confidence, curiosity and independence. We also work closely with outside agencies, including Educational Psychologists, communication and interaction team and other specialist consultants to ensure the needs of every student are met.

Where appropriate, we withdraw children for time-limited periods to deliver targeted support and personalised interventions. We are proud of our reputation for new and innovative approaches that help to create happy and high-achieving young people. Students with learning differences have a welcoming base in the Learning Support Department, with a large dedicated classroom, a suite of smaller rooms and a special quiet zone. We have also invested in some exciting new technology to support students and their progress, building on our very successful interventions. The school has made adaptations to the site to improve access, including the installation of automatic doors, new toilet facilities and ramps to ensure that all are comfortable and safe in our school.

Students with SEND do very well at Fitzharrys and exam results show that their time at school really adds value. The Governors receive monitoring reports, and one Governor has particular responsibility for monitoring SEND at Fitzharrys.

For further information please contact our SENCo, or visit our Policies page.


SEN Information Report

Sen Information Report - January 2024