KS4 Options

By the end of Year 9 students have completed Key Stage Three. This is the period from Year 7 to Year 9 where students cover a breadth and depth of subjects.

On starting Year 10, students move into Key Stage Four where they narrow down their subject choices based on a core curriculum and their personal preferences for future study. This page is designed to help students and families with this decision-making process.


Considering your Options

The content below will give our students all the information they need to make the options process as easy as possible.

We wish our Year 9 students all the best as they make their decisions and embark on this exciting next phase of education.

Please watch all of the videos and read through the supporting Options Booklet to understand the options process and the subjects on offer for Key Stage 4 at Fitzharrys School.

KS4 Options Booklet

KS4 Options Booklet 2021


Core Subjects

Here you will find videos about Key Stage 4 English, Mathematics and Science - all core subjects.

Core subjects are the subjects that all students complete.

Option Subjects

Below are videos about all of the options subjects on offer for our students to help choose Key Stage 4 courses.

Remember, in order to achieve the English Baccalaureate students will need to pick one language (French or Spanish) and one humanities subject (History or Geography).

Full details of the Ebacc can be found in the Options Booklet which can be found as a PDF file at the top of this webpage.


Art & Design
Business Studies
Computer Science
Design & Technology
Food Preparation & Nutrition
Modern Foreign Languages
Music Practice
Performing Arts (Acting)
Physical Education
Any Questions?
We'd be pleased to help you

If you have any unanswered questions about any of our courses, please contact the subject leader, or for more general advice you can contact your form tutor or Ms Corley, our Year 9 Options Lead.