Uniform helps to create a sense of community and equality and there is a compulsory uniform for students in years 7-11 at Fitzharrys School.  The Headteacher reserves the right to send students home who are not appropriately dressed.

Please note: our school tie is only available at Fitzharrys School - over the counter in Student Services.  As the school has now moved to a cashless system, we politely request that payments for ties are made online through via the Accounts tab on ParentMail

The list below details our uniform, with all starred* items available online from our supplier: Price & Buckland. The cost of uniform is displayed by each item on the Price & Buckland website. The online ordering service allows you to view and order uniform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders are usually dispatched to a personal address within 5 working days although times will be extended during the busier months (June- September). There is also an option to have deliveries sent to Fitzharrys, which can save on costs. Please note, Fitzharrys cannot take receipt of any deliveries during the school holidays. Read this information on Price & Buckland deliveries for full details.

Price & Buckland schoolwear is created with the growing child in mind and for a comfortable fit.  It is generous in size and durable.  Please refer to their sizing information to ensure the right fit for your child.  Please note that our Student Services office holds a full collection of sample school blazers, jumpers and summer polo shirts in all sizes; students are very welcome to try these on for size.

Second-hand Uniform

Fitzharrys' Student Services office also holds a stock of second-hand uniform which can be purchased for a small donation.  You are welcome to contact us at any time during the school year if you are interested in purchasing items second-hand; our office manager will be able to let you know what we have in stock.  Alternatively, second-hand uniform is made available at periodical school events and after-school sales - notifications for these sales are emailed in advance to all parents and carers.

Standard School Uniform

  • School tie (available direct from Fitzharrys School only)
  • Black blazer with Fitzharrys School logo*
  • Plain white school shirt with white buttons and collar - no logos or blouses
  • Plain black, smart, tailored trousers - strictly no logos, embroidery, jeans, combats, cargoes, joggers or leggings
  • Plain black, formal, knee-length skirts - examples of acceptable skirt styles are strictly A-line, pleated or skater and must not be tight-fitting
  • Plain black/grey/white socks
  • Black/natural tights
  • Sensible black shoes - no boots, high heels, or trainers.  Please note: trainers are only permitted to be worn for PE lessons.

Summer Uniform

Optional - for terms 5-6 only
  • Optional blue school polo shirt with Fitzharrys School logo* replaces shirt, tie and blazer
  • Optional blue V-necked jumper with Fitzharrys School logo*
  • Optional black tailored shorts* (only through Price & Buckland)

PE Uniform

  • Navy blue shadow shorts* (shadow stripe)
  • Navy/sky blue PE polo shirt with Fitzharrys School logo*
  • Navy blue/white long sleeve sports shirt*
  • Navy blue rugby/football socks*
  • White sports socks
  • Trainers suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Football boots

Outline Guidance

  • Plain, dark/neutral colour outer coat - ideally waterproof.  Strictly no hoodies/sweatshirts/tracksuit tops/tech fleeces; these are not acceptable as a substitute for outdoor coats
  • School bags should be an appropriate size (i.e. rucksack) to carry key belongings and offer protection to the items they carry inside; strictly no handbags or extra small sports bags
  • Headscarves – plain navy blue, white or black. Headscarves should be folded under the chin, taken round to the back of the neck & the ends tucked in, to conform to health & safety requirements  
  • Hair should be a natural colour
  • Watches are permitted
  • Students may wear one studded earing in each lobe
  • All other jewellery including piercings (any type)/rings/necklaces/bracelets are not permitted
  • Boys should be clean shaven
  • Discreet make-up may be worn in Years 10 and above
  • Extremes of fashion in clothes, hair or styles of dress which cause offence or are unsafe are not acceptable

We believe our uniform code makes appropriate allowances for the cultural and religious traditions. Parents should discuss the necessity for any variation to the code with the Headteacher. Read our Uniform Policy for more information. 

More information can be found on our Expectations webpage, including a suggested Equipment list, and new parents/carers are also advised to read our mobile phone policy.