Homework Tips

At Fitzharrys school, we value the importance of homework in developing students' independence, research skills, and learning.

Top Homework Tips for Students
  • Undertake your work in a quiet, homework-friendly area with no distractions
  • Get into a routine and schedule regular study time
  • Try to do your homework the night it is set so that it doesn’t pile up
  • Break down large assignments into manageable chunks
  • Always try your best

Teachers will put instructions and links for tasks on Epraise. If a student finishes work quickly, they should make sure they have completed work to the best of their ability and inform their teacher so that they can provide extra challenge. If a student finds the work too challenging, they should try their best for the allotted time and let their teacher know their concerns in the next lesson.

The Library is usually open to all students during break and lunchtimes and our LRC computers are available to use for school work.


Homework Club

Homework Club is open to all yeargroups. More information in the poster below.

Homework Club poster


Useful Homework Links
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