Recommended Careers Resources

 As part of our careers package, there are a lot of resources available to you as parents:  


Post-16 Choices Padlet

Please use the link above to access our Padlet resource page. We have collected various careers resources for students and parents in addition to the information on the school website. This link has been shared with students as a go to place for information regarding post-16 options and careers advice. We try to update this as regularly as possible with upcoming opportunities and events.

On our Adviza resource page, you will find labour market information, information about post-16 options, webinars, webchat support, access to EClips and general parent advice on all things careers. 

A comprehensive website offering information about careers, employers and universities including advice about apprenticeships and jobs and course opportunities. 


Eclips Online 

A subscription service paid for by the school.  Comprehensive careers information with clear and impartial descriptions of jobs, entry requirements and training options, including live-streamed information from LMI for Al.  eCLIPS provides users with all the information they need to make informed careers decisions. It caters for all abilities and stages with information ranging from basic to in-depth descriptions with links for further explorations. 


National Careers Service 

The National Careers Service is government funded.  It offers access to an adviser via phone, email, webchat or text. Students can request a call back if preferred

There is a range of information on the NCS website, including: job profiles covering specific career or work options; a Find a Course option; a CV builder and help with the application/interview process; apprenticeship information; labour market information for different sectors; and a skills health check (where students can explore their skills, interests or motivations). 

This website uses the power of personal stories to inform and inspire young people’s career choices. As part of the Education and Employers charity it aims to draw links between school subjects and jobs. It encourages young people to discover opportunities they may not have known about before and shows what is possible in the world of work. Free and simple to use, the site features over 1000 videos of real people talking about their careers – explaining their job role, career path and how different factors have shaped their choices.

This government website contains comprehensive information about apprenticeships for both students and parents – and includes comprehensive apprenticeships listings which can be sorted by subject area and locality.

View this video on supporting your child in searching and applying for apprenticeships:

Industry/Sector Specialist Websites

Some industries have their own bespoke websites. They can be found quickly using any search engine.

Examples include... 




Information about all aspects of higher education, including advice about 16-18 choices.


Especially for Parents

This is a good website providing careers information from the Careers Writers Association and is very much aimed at helping parents of young people.  Lots of information about the different pathways available.  Also includes articles on labour market information.