Library and Reading

You will likely visit the Library on a regular basis during your time at Fitzharrys, often as part of a lesson or on an individual research assignment. In addition, the library is usually open to all students during break and lunchtimes and our library computers are available to use for school work.

Using the Library

The Library is a welcoming and peaceful place for reading, working and quiet, educational games. We have several chess sets and a collection of other games for use at breaktimes; please enquire at the library desk for more information. Break and lunchtimes must remain a quiet environment for students to work and continue their learning or to read and relax. For this reason, there are rules all library users are expected to follow:

  • Respectful, thoughtful behaviour towards staff and fellow library users at all times
  • No loud socialising – quiet voices only
  • No mobile phones
  • No food or drink

The Library also hosts regular lunchtime clubs, fun seasonal quizzes and meetings for groups such as the Carnegie Awards Shadowers – drop in for more information on these events.

Student Librarians

The Library offers Year 7 students the chance to become student librarians, helping with the upkeep of the library as well as assisting other students in choosing and checking-out books. Places are limited and there is a waiting list. Register your interest with the school librarian.


The library has a fantastic collection of books (both fiction and non-fiction), which is updated on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for the ‘Books of the Month’ display which highlights great reads from a different genre each month. If you are looking for further ideas for great reads, why not choose something from our recommendation booklet: 

100 Books to Read Before You Leave Fitzharrys

Read books, win prizes!

Each time you read ten books from our 100 books list, you will be entered into a prize draw to win book vouchers from the local bookstore, Mostly Books. Reading Award badges will be given out when you reach the milestones of 25 books, 50 books and 75 books. Any student who reads all 100 books by the time they finish school will receive a Platinum Award.

Click on the link below which will take you to an online form - fill this out to let Miss Hartley know you have met one of the milestones:

100 Books to Read Before You Leave Fitzharrys - Online Form