Abingdon Learning Trust

The multi-academy trust founded by Fitzharrys School, John Mason School and Rush Common School.

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Abingdon Bridge

Charity providing health and wellbeing support to Fitzharrys students.

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Abingdon Consortium of Further Education

A collective of schools providing further education options for students in Years 12 and 13.

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Abingdon Partnership of Schools

A collaborative partnership of schools based in Abingdon and the surrounding villages.

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Abingdon School

A local independent school with which Fitzharrys has a well-established partnership.

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Careers advice service; a registered charity inspiring and helping people to progress in learning and work. 

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Counselling support for students.

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Oxfordshire County Council – Admissions

Local authority information on school admissions.

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Oxfordshire County Council – Advice for parents of children with SEND

Parent guides, drop-in sessions and links for families of children with special educational needs.

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