Mobile Phone Policy

Fitzharrys School appreciates that parents and carers may wish their child to carry a mobile phone to allow for contact on the way to and home from school and for reasons of personal safety. As a school, we do not take responsibility for phones or other electronic devices brought onto site.  We encourage parents not to communicate with their child by mobile during the day but use the main school switchboard to make contact.

Electronic devices and mobile phones often provide a valuable support to learning in lessons. There are times when a teacher may give permission to access the internet for research purposes, to take photographs of work in progress, capture the ideas on the whiteboard or record homework. As students make their way through the school and develop greater independence, this is a particularly useful approach. There will never be an expectation that students will have a mobile phone with them, and students need not bring one to school unless there is a particular wish so to do.

We have a clear and enforced policy to manage students’ use of mobile phones before school, at break and at lunchtime. The bells that alert students that it is time to go to their lesson also indicate that their phones must be put away. If phones are seen out after this point then they will be confiscated, with escalating consequences if caught more than once.

Some schools ban mobile phones, but this does not mean that students do not still bring them into school and use them over the course of the day! Fitzharrys’ regulated approach encourages responsible mobile phone use and avoids distraction during learning time.

Alongside our rules and consequences, we work with students to educate them on e-safety and engagement with social media as part of our focus on good mental health and well-being. Experience indicates that this reasoned and responsible approach encourages maturity in our students, educating them to make the right choices in and out of school.

For more information including wireless access details, visit our Online Services & E-Safety page.

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