Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted Inspection June 2016

Fitzharrys celebrates achieving Good across the board in recent Ofsted inspection 

I am delighted to share the great news that Fitzharrys has achieved Good in all aspects of our work in our June inspection.

The Ofsted inspection report is packed full of positives, wonderful recognition for the hard work and “drive for continual improvement” which has led to “significant improvements in all aspects of the work of the school”.

The report repeats the words enthusiasm, passion and pride again and again. They describe us as “a very caring and supportive community where pupils flourish”. They recognised our “warm and welcoming culture” as well as our committed staff, good behaviour, positive relationships, strong leadership and consistently good teaching and achievement.

There are some pointers as to how we can move on to achieve Outstanding status, and we are already on the case with these.

It’s great to have the many strengths of our school recognised so positively, and I’d urge you to take time to read the report in full. It matches the findings of our governor surveys and Ofsted parent view, but above all it reflects the day to day experience at our happy, warm, successful school.

A big thank you and congratulations to Fitzharrys’ students, staff and governors, who all deserve this great recognition.

Jonathan Dennett
Fitzharrys School
June 2016

Some highlights

  • A warm and welcoming culture with a shared drive for continual improvement is evident from the top down. Leaders, teachers and pupils are proud to be a part of Fitzharrys’ success.
  • Good teaching drives good achievement for all groups of pupils across the school.
  • Fitzharrys offers a very caring and supportive community where pupils flourish. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the curriculum and staff passionately strive to ensure that their welfare needs are met.
  • Subject leaders are sharply focused on improving the quality of teaching and learning in their subjects. This drives improvements strongly.
  • Teachers are an enthusiastic and committed team and they are driven to continually improve standards in their subject areas.
  • Pupils and sixth formers are rightly proud of their school and attendance and behaviour have improved.
  • Governors are passionate and enthusiastic and they bring a range of skills and educational experience which they use generously to support and challenge leaders at all levels.
  • A culture of collaborative learning, coaching and professional dialogue has led to improved teaching and learning across the school. The effect of this high-quality teamwork is to generate high levels of staff morale and satisfaction with the leadership of the school
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils enjoy each other’s company at social times and value the good friendships they make here. They are respectful to each other, staff and visitors and enjoy the pleasant and secure environment the school offers.
  • Pupils are safe and secure in the school and they feel content here. The headteacher knows the pupils and sixth formers well and is passionate about wanting the very best outcomes for all of them.
  • Pupils are pleased that adults handle potentially awkward situations with sensitivity, but also solve problems effectively and promptly.
  • In key stage 3, progress is good in English, mathematics and across the curriculum.
  • Teachers regularly check pupils’ learning and provide a range of helpful support and guidance for any who lag behind. This means that pupils achieve well across the full range of subjects.
  • Sixth formers provide good role models for younger pupils.
  • Fitzharrys School cares a great deal about pupils’ achievement and personal development and so working relationships between staff and pupils are very strong.
  • Parents’ faith in Fitzharrys is well founded; this is a very caring community.

The full report can be read here.

The link to parent view can be found here.

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