Health & Wellbeing

We know that adolescence can be a challenging time with lots of pressures from social media and other sources. We want to help you develop the strength needed for challenges, the resilience to see things through, the confidence to know it is ok to make mistakes, healthy attitudes towards yourself and others, and to help you see the positives and be happy.

There are lots of people who are on your side at Fitzharrys, including:

  • Your form tutor, as the first port of call for any worries
  • The student wellbeing managers, who are on hand for emotional support or to help with any difficulties
  • The school nurse, who offers additional services, further support and advice

Students, parents and carers tell us that, when made aware of any difficulties, we are good at helping and sorting things out. Please let someone know if you have any worries; it will make things better.‚Äč